Based on a short story by Stephen King
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27 November 2010
We want to thank Andrea Calabrese for her donation.

6 November 2010
We’ve got our first “associate producer”, Oscar Garrido from Spain.

27 October 2010
Marco Paone is now on board this project as Still Photographer. He photographs the action (often alongside the camera) to be used in publicizing the movie.

26 September 2010
Redah Bening is now on board this project as Creative Consultant. He is a multi-faceted individual that works primarily for the director, who helps with the creative
process of a film in more than one field.

13 September 2010
Judith Kraal is now on board this project as Production Scheduler. She will make a detailed plan of the timing of activities associated with the making of a movie.

10 September 2010
For the ones that have Facebook, there is now a page about Mute. Click here for the page!

8 August 2010
I’ve asked Darek Kocurek ( to create something special for Mute. The result can be seen on the left page! Darek would later design the DVD cover when the film is finished.

27 July 2010
Today I started with the intent of the script and I received my first donation from Oscar Mario Garrido(Spain)!

24 July 2010
Some days ago I received permission from famous horror author Stephen King to adapt his short story “Mute” from his story collection “Just After Sunset” into a non-profit Dollar Baby film. You can read more about the Stephen King “Dollar Baby Deal” HERE.

19 July 2010
I received today in my mailbox That they have my signed contract and the dollar and that I may proceed!