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The names mentioned are not the actors or actresses taking on the role. The names are fiction at this point!

CharactersName Actor or actress (The following is an example and is not definitive)
Monette (+- 55 years old)Victor Löw or Thomas Acda or Jack Wouterse (Dutch actor)
Barb (+- 40-50 years old)Elise Schaap or Anna Drijver (Dutch actress)
Kelsie Ann (daughter) (+- 20-25 years old)
Stanley Doucette (deaf mute hitchhiker) (+- 35-50 years old)Tygo Gernandt or Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (Dutch actor)
Country Bob (secret lover barb) (+- 60 years old)Raymond Thiry (Dutch actor)
Pastor (+- 65 years old or older)Huub Stapel (Dutch actor)
Extras in the following groups
Extras with cars
Country line dancers
Church visitors (mainly elderly)